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Hello, Again

by Kittyhawk



released October 14, 2014

All songs by Kittyhawk

All lyrics by Kate Grube and Kittyhawk

Recorded September 2013 at R3 Studios in Crystal Lake, IL and Atlas Studios in

Chicago, IL

Engineered and Mixed by Matt Jordan

Produced by Matt Jordan and Kittyhawk

Matt played additional guitar on Jude II.

Mastered by Dave Downham at The Gradwell House in Haddon Heights, NJ

Photography by Mitchell Wojcik

Layout by Andy Hendricks

Kittyhawk is: Kate Grube, vocals and keyboards. Erik Czaja, guitar and vocals. Mark

Jaeschke, guitar, vocals, and glockenspiel. Evan Loritsch, drums, vocals, and banjo.



all rights reserved


Kittyhawk Chicago, Illinois

a band from Chicago, IL that drives fast

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Track Name: Contact
Track Name: The Petravicz Estate
Making contact isn’t easy when you try to find another meaning in time. I was trying to find the lines in your spine. All I found was a note about your back. I found a piece of your story, a checklist of flaws. Open your ledger of progress, I’m bringing you home.
Track Name: Sunny Day Renter's Insurance
We all, trusting in strangers, failing in favors, losing our friends. I’m sorry. I hope you speak to me after storing so foolishly the things that you left. You offered protection. I demand amnesty from this red-handed burglary. Evelyn, you were our only friend. Signage in black and white won’t bring back Erik’s bike. May I still keep your cutlery? These things are so part of me. I’ve made them my own. By the bay while you were developing the Bridge that shines Golden, they’re calling you home. Casting off things
meant for owning, you’ve started your roaming, you’ll follow the blue. Phone calls, things that take effort. I’m writing the report. I’m stalling for you. We lost one too.
Track Name: Vaudeville
We’re all showing off in the room together. We’re all part of the beast and it’s pretty. You’re just part of another kind. They’re all reaching to touch and you’re feeling better. You’re wetting their mouths with some silver, and they’re back for more. It’s just like the dream I’ve been having where I ruin my own surprise. And all of my enemies forming, as I fight them they multiply. It’s just like my skin is a costume, but I don’t know what’s inside. It seems you just won’t be defeated. Seems you don’t even know I tried. We’re all coming to life in this room together. You’ve never seem me quite so bright. You’re looking much too healthy. We’re all coming to life.
Track Name: Jude II
We’re writing rehearsal. Making plans for the big upgrade. For such a surprise I know you’ll be rewarded in due time. We’re setting the table, quality time with the junior babe. For greater relief I know you’re rearranging, so am I. Are you coming down? I can’t in the heat remember plans we’ve made, but here in the water we all keep of fishing, pushing doubt aside. I can’t find anyone better to receive him. Anyone better in any way at all. Do you need a rest? We’re missing the party and it’s getting late. If you were much smaller you would have retreated, you’re doing fine. Just a smaller you to hold on to, tiny hands that stretch, tiny heart just beating, pulling through.
Track Name: Welcome Home
Fourty-five evenings I’ve been watching the ceiling, a shooting star I’ll tie a lasso to. We’re all joining hands, shut your eyes you’ll see better. I’d like to see just how far I can get from you. If they won’t take me I guess I’ve got bigger problems. Don’t dry your cheek as I go up in that green light. All that energy I will leave while ascending, pack it up and tie an anchor to. Things I just won’t need while I’m meeting our maker, I am vessel, I am now something new. The sense of community, the sounds of slowed
breathing. Comparison colored I am finding truth. Try to chase me now, try to watch me now, try to catch me now.
Track Name: Self v. Former Self
Baby, sleep tonight. Don’t bother me. Hold me, I have lived selfishly. I wanted to help you. Can’t help but bite the hand. I drove you to Michigan, please try to understand. I wanted to give to you a place of your own. I took you to Silver Lake, I gave you a home. Synthesis, harmony.
Track Name: Hans Christian Andersen
I saw you on television taking pictures by the lake. Should’ve known this was too easy. Should’ve known you were a fake. Plagued by short-term memory, I’m waiting in line. I want to hear your beautiful story. I want to hear those sirens cry. Tell me what you found out there, way down under the water. Cruel jealous dissenters, show them that you’re
right. I saw you on television. You were easy on the eyes. Should have asked to see your pictures. Should have known it was a lie. Two fucking hours. I watched your damn program for two fucking hours.
Track Name: Zodiac
All the reasons I’m under here are pressed inside a book. For $4.95 you can find all your reasons, too. I’m expecting change and sameness and challenges to commitment, nullified if Jupiter comes through. I am the native one. I am the centered one. I’m riding past your house, what are we made of? I was born in June in the morning, the radio sang
“Love Me Do.” Noting the date and time on your hand, tracing the lines in the circle, plotting the points on a graph. Everything changes. Would you still love me if I’d been born if February? Have I made it up?
Track Name: Seasonal Abjective Disorder
Do we have to be friends? Do we have to be anything? All I can think about is the drink that I left inside. Tame the beast with a joke, gentler touch for the reckoning. Cataloging excuses, sending up flags and counting time. Glad you’re sad enough to have something to talk about. With all the attention it’s hard to believe that you’re so alone. Looking at
your face makes me tired. Looking at your face, I want to fall asleep. Give me a break, you’re so settled in settling. You wouldn’t know it if it kissed you on the eyes. I think it’s you that you’re missing. Maybe they will replace you, maybe they’ll try.
Track Name: Better Homes
I’m playing parts with you. Keeping friends while you’re away. I’m holding a space for you. Folding the page until you’re back one day. And I can’t find anything. My daily rhythm is a total wreck. I’m back at my station and things keep on spinning. I’m trading shifts with you. Punching the clock, keeping costs at bay. Ruining things that mean a lot and making the water much too hot, testing your patience and testing the weight, stitching in lines, keeping you up so late. I can’t find anything.
Track Name: Better Gardens
I didn’t mean to laugh when I tossed you in the bath. I never thought you’d get so small. Now you’re just shrunken strings, such an old familiar sting. I hardly fought for you at all. Oh me, little things you’d wish I’d do. I don’t know what to say. Please don’t look at me like that. Love feels better when you can trust someone with all your clothing.
Track Name: Tourisme
On this frozen paradise, I hardly miss them. It would be so nice to cross a state’s worth of icicles. If the weather’s right, in the sharp night I will wander with you. I got everything I ever wanted when the reactor broke. Meet me in Juneau, I’ll wait for your signal. We never have to go come. Are you wrapped up in southernmost trappings? I guess nobody
heard it on AM radio, days of early warnings. I’m sure sorry they didn’t. Lord knows I tried, I know I have the patience. I sure was tired, come to think of it, climbing social ladders. I’ll see you in my dreams when I come visit you, and dinner’s on the table. We’ll share in a laugh and we’ll share in a smile. We sure look like we mean it. We’ll become stronger than ever.