Kittyhawk EP

by Kittyhawk

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Kittyhawk's Debut EP


released November 5, 2012



If download credits run out please email us at so we can send you the EP for free <3

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Gnarnia (Chicago, IL) in late September 2012
by Mike Crotty

All songs written by Kittyhawk

All lyrics written by Kate Grube

except "The First One" and "He Travels in a Suit" by Kate Grube and Erik Hunter Czaja

Art by Erik Hunter Czaja

Kittyhawk is:

Kate Grube- Vocals, Keyboard
Mark Jaeschke- Guitar, Vocals
Erik Hunter Czaja- Guitar, Vocals
Evan Loritsch- Drums, Vocals




all rights reserved


Kittyhawk Chicago, Illinois

a band from Chicago, IL that drives fast

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Track Name: The First One
i’ll carry the new edition home in the rain before your show if you help me complete it/i’m tangled in wires and cables still/if you help me i need it/the first one I’ve ever had on my own my tiny apartment make sure i don’t miss the morning/twenty and three-quarters then at midnight still it came and went can i fix your jeans as payment/i’m balancing quarters in a stack/because it looks like you might need it if you repair this broken instrument/the second one i’ve ever had on my own in my tiny apartment make sure I don’t miss the morning/another one i’d like to call you my own and the tables turning
make sure i don’t miss the morning/i want you to know/all your postcards are records from our friends, and we’ve got space for it/the neighbors are knocking at the door i can’t hear a word over “kind of blue”/i want you to be the one who replaces my needle cartridge now/ the boxes are empty we can finally call this our new home.
Track Name: Older/Wiser
a snowflake, four leaf clover, sitting pretty on the front of your shoulder/from a book you read in high school from the valley to your home with a park view/on your drive up, the mill city, between furniture and food for the kitty/you should hit it closer to home
good is bad is nice is yes is good is fine is no/that might not belong to you/ the cloth that you cut is the one that’s on me/how did it go?/there is safety in small numbers, threw it in the fire and blamed it on each other/needed places safe for fainting, promise “he won’t bite” with eyes half-closed, refraining/sour sympathy, half cold meals, off to bed at night, disaster on your heels/soggy wallet, broken window, bloody in the hallway ill be fine i think that i’ll go i can’t stay up every night/we’ll stay there long enough to say goodbye/here’s to safety, being happy, we are foils all, to that everlasting/victims, only circumstantial here, i’m waiting there, you’re flying off the handle.
Track Name: Science Fiction

audio captured by Kate's Dad.
Track Name: He Travels in a Suit
you’re so much taller than i thought that you would be/it’s going to be harder to push you away/while you’re getting high inside a trailer with your friends/i haven’t brought anything back for you/“send me a picture so i know that it’s you”/with so many boxes it’s hard to tell/“you kiss like my mother” with a bottle in your hand/i’m not going home with you/you like me because i don’t dress like other girls/and i’m barely repulsed by that shade of green/i told junebug to tell you that i’ll be leaving soon/i’ll see you in february/staying up too late, we’re both miserable/“my boyfriend’s at home”/i hope you find someone.
Track Name: Partial Paradigm
tap-dancing down the sidewalk towards the stairs/a balancing act, when the concrete’s like water/in the sunlight, seems so friendly, you just just act so wise/if you give me a dollar I bet that I’ll piss off these guys/she said “the truth will set you free” but I’m just listening/crammed in a file, i can’t believe/an errant branch is headed for your face/the summer is bleeding through layers of silk crepe/wipe your hands dry, we’re still sleeping, just you hold tight/i’ll raise up glasses if you raise the stakes in a fist fight/take me home now. lead me home now. i want to go.